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Krista Martel's Fundraiser

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Join me in supporting real change!


$295 towards $1,500

Your donation will enable us to further deepen our commitment to women living with HIV

The Well Project's 2023 annual fundraising drive is currently underway and we are closing out our 20th anniversary celebration! We have spent the past year shining a spotlight on more than a dozen remarkable individuals who have helped make The Well Project what it is over the past 20 years through our storytelling series, Hearts and Minds of The Well Project, including an interview with me! These stories highlight the diversity of connections to The Well Project’s work and are an inspiration for continuing to advance a healthier and more equitable future for women living with HIV.

As you know, I am deeply committed to the work of The Well Project, and the support I receive from family and friends is invaluable. If you are able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation, whether a one-time donation or recurring monthly donation. Please remember that no donation is too small and that your support will enable us to further deepen our commitment to women living with HIV including our focus on:

  • Community leadership development: More significantly invest in fostering leadership and increasing sustainable economic development for women living with HIV
  • Community connections: Continue to invest in building community connection spaces that support healing and self-care
  • Research and Policy: Expand our contributions and leadership in women-centered research and drive policy change that improves access to quality healthcare and quality of life for women living with HIV
  • Provider education: Continue to expand our programming engaging healthcare providers to build cultural competency and improve patient-provider relationships by uplifting the lived experiences and unique needs of women living with HIV

Your donation today will have a direct impact and enable us to consistently address the needs of women living with and vulnerable to HIV as we look ahead to the next 20 years!

With love,