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"Working with The Well Project and representing them as their Global Ambassador has given me purpose, helps me connect with women and girls from all over the globe, and has made me reach audiences I could only dream about." Maria Mejia, Global Ambassador, Community Advisory Board, A Girl Like Me, The Well Project

Over the course of the HIV epidemic, advocacy has affected everything about the disease. It has advanced innovation in treatment and prevention, it has battled stigma, it has broken down barriers, it has facilitated education. HIV advocates have changed the world, which is why The Well Project is committed to providing women and girls with the tools they need to advocate for themselves and others. In our recent survey, more than 80% of women living with HIV respondents said that using The Well Project's resources made them more likely to advocate for the needs of others living with HIV. You contribution will help us empower more women to advocate for their communities and ultimately for all women.

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