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Help us build leadership among women living with HIV

"I can’t even imagine our community without The Well Project and I never want to have to."

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Did you know that our blog, A Girl Like Me, a safe space for women living with HIV to share experiences and build community, has become a platform to identify emerging leaders?

Most of The Well Project’s Community Advisory Board, presenters, and scholarship recipients have been identified through their work with A Girl Like Me. With your help, we will expand this strong network of women leaders who are living with HIV. Why does this work matter? Community leaders inspire others living with HIV to end their own self-stigma and value their worth. Community leaders advocate for the needs of their community and impact policy and research. Community leaders galvanize others to become leaders themselves. It is imperative to continue to increase the number and diversity of community leaders so that every voice is represented across all efforts to address the HIV epidemic.

Read some of their stories here.

Our recent survey showed The Well Project has positively impacted women’s leadership and advocacy development in the following ways:

With the help of supporters like you, over the past several years, The Well Project has greatly expanded our direct support of women advocates and facilitated their leadership development:

  • Compensated more than 120 women living with HIV to present on behalf of The Well Project at regional/national/international conferences and our online advocacy webinars
  • Provided more than 70 partial or full scholarships to women living with HIV to attend scientific and advocacy conferences
  • Provided ongoing part-time employment and programmatic work to eight women living with HIV
  • Engaged and compensated more than 50 women living with HIV (many recurring for several years) for their participation on The Well Project’s community advisory board

We need your help to keep expanding this work! Please consider making a donation today.